Rajkov Global Initiative Announcement

Ram Ram Sa

We are delighted to announce that Shri Vishal Mehta Sa, our esteemed ex-President, has been appointed as the Convener of the newly created Rajkov Global initiative.

Vishal Sa, currently based in Florida, USA, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to our community.

We are also pleased to announce that Shri Nitesh Vyas Sa, another esteemed ex-President of Rajkov and currently based in Seattle, USA, will serve as the Co-Convener of Rajkov Global.

Together, both will lead this important initiative, ensuring that our global members remain connected and engaged.

Rajkov Global has been established to facilitate engagement among past and present Rajkov members who are living outside Australia. This initiative aims to create an avenue for them to support our community, fostering connections and collaboration on a global scale.

Key areas where Rajkov Global will focus its efforts include:

  • Building a network of Rajkov members worldwide.
  • Creating opportunities for members to contribute to Rajkov's growth and initiatives.
  • Facilitating support for Rajkov’s projects and programs from our international community.

Please join us in congratulating Vishal Mehta Sa and Nitesh Vyas Sa on their new roles.

We look forward to the exciting developments and contributions that Rajkov Global will bring to our community.